Welcome to Through the Looking Glass, a multiple app, no word count, high school, college, and city roleplaying site set in the fictional version of the city of rosedale, california. Register your character with a first and last name in lowercase letters.

Rosedale is a small town of secrets, cliques, fate, and gossip. Will you choose to be the one to just sit back and watch, or will you be at the center of everything and outting everyone out to reach the top. The choice is yours.


FEBRUARY 18th ღ we've been open for three weeks (as of tomorrow) and to celebrate we've had a revamp! also there's an activity check up, of the month awards are just around the corner and please please get posting in the valentine's day ball event forum!
VALENTINE'S DAY BALL - a masquerade ball for the entire town put together by the zeta sorority, all ticket earnings go to make a wish foundation.


activity check over, if marking you inactive was a mistake, pm ari asap.
- ttlg staff

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